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Blizzard Announced 'Hearthstone' TCG, Met With Mixed Reception

World of Warcraft's Developer Blizzard Entertainment announces a free-to-play trading card game for PC, Mac, and iPad. With a beta starting this summer, and the full game releasing by the end of the year.

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StarCraft II Expansion: 'Heart Of The Swarm' Sells 1.1 Million Copies in 48 Hours

It's become apparent that StarCraft II, unlike Diablo III, has not lost its hype & popularity, as we can see from preliminary sales figures! More details, and what this all means, after the break!

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MMORPG World of Warcraft was hacked, thousands died. Blizzard releases a statement. Read on for the story, statements, video footage, and more.

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Post-Pandaria Launch Roundup with Six

Six here giving you the follow up to my Pandaria preparation blog. It has been about a week since Pandaria had been available for the WoW faithful and I'm here to give you an update on my experiences into the world of the fluffy furry panda world.

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It's Patch Day! World of Warcraft Patch 5.0.4

August 28, 2012 is Patch Day for WoW Players, who are eagerly awaiting the massive Pre-Expansion Systems Patch. Let's talk about it!

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Commercialization and Livin' In The USA ~By DJ Cornuto~

As the Olympic Games have come and gone once again, the worldwide audience has had a chance to chime in on their favorite moments and cheer the names of their favorite athletes.

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Maybe Game Developers Should Stop Listening?

We as Gamers generally praise Game Devs when they "Listen to the gamers" and implement something the community was asking for. That is great, but, frankly, we the gamers.. We're total idiots. More after the break.

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Why Did WoW Stop Trying?

Dynamic Events, Regular Patches, World Bosses, and More.. Where did it all go?

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