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Massive Hardware Failure, We'll Be Back On Air Soon...

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. DMR will be back ON AIR in a few days. In the meantime, our Backup System will still air music. Read More...

World Of Tanks - Battle Replay Of The Week #4

New Battle Replay Of The Week made by Lurus. Enjoy! Want to appear in the Battle Replay Of The Week? Send the raw battle replay file in .wot format to Read More...

Community Feedback - What Are Your Summer Plans?

We're in the middle of summer, and we'd like to know how you are using technology to enhance your summer experience! Read More...

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Digital Mayhem Radio ( DMR ) is YOUR Community Internet Radio Station for MMORPG Gamers across the world. Special focus given to World of Warcraft ( WoW ), Star Trek Online ( STO ), EVE Online, and Guild Wars. DMR is Fully Licensed, and Free to Listen. On Air 24/7 since September 2010. Digital Mayhem Radio is privately owned and operated and is a StreamLicensing Broadcast Affiliate. Our music & listener data and performance & royalty fees are reported and paid through StreamLicensing LLC. DMR is DMCA Compliant.  ©DMR - Digital Mayhem Radio, 2012   ©Dark Militia Radio, 2010
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