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Toronto Gets A New Convention: SuperFan ComicCon!

This Victoria Day weekend, SuperFan ComicCon will launch in Toronto and join the ranks of other comic conventions held around the world providing fans with a new means to cele… Read More...

Digital Mayhem Roundtable - Episode 2 - Virtual Assistants, Snapchat, Smartwatches & Technobabble

Episode 2 of Digital Mayhem Roundtable features DJ Sev (Host), DJ Hel (Guest), and PR Rep. Alexa (Guest), discussing Cortana, Old Technologies, New Technologies, April Fools P… Read More...

How We Use Mobiles & Facebook: Men Look For Love, Women For Support & Deals [Infographic]

When was the last time you wrote or received an actual love letter? Social media and smartphones have changed our behaviour dramatically. Read More...

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